Audiophile Sessions Episode 022 with Guest Roger Yong

October 12th, 2013

Welcome back everyone to another episode of Audiophile Sessions.

Sorry for the delay in the podcast, but a few things came up and I had to push back the show a week. Now without futher ado I bring to you ROGER YONG!

Our special guest is a Dj/Producer from Huntington Beach, Califonia who is no stranger to driving, techy, uplifting sounds of 140 bpm trance.

First hour of the mix I bring you some Big Room sound with a few added trance tracks near the end of my set paving the way for Roger's driving mix.

Second hour of the mix Roger pulls out all the stops, and relentlessly pulverizes your auditory senses with his mind-numbing track selection of 140 bpm trance. Right away he just blows your mind from track 1 till the end, as he sports my latest mash up (which I'll provide the download link below) Scott Bond & Heatbeat vs Fragma - 3rd Earth Miracle (RVX Mashcapella)

Download Here:

I hope you enjoy this 2 hour ride from start to finish, and below is our Guest's information where you can find out more about him.

Roger's Facebook Page:

Roger's Soundcloud Page:

Once again thank you for tuning in to this Episode of Audiophile Sessions, and see you all at the next Sessions.

Much Love!