Audiophile Sessions Episode 021 with Guest: James Paul

September 21st, 2013

Good Day Everyone and welcome back to Audiophile Sessions.

Today we have guest James Paul giving you an array of beautiful Trance from beginning to end. Starting off his mix with a melodic intro that sets the mood just right, just before he unleashes the beast in his mix. The ending you're in for a treat, as he picks up the energy, and goes full force! Sit back and enjoy the sounds of James Paul!

Here's his facebook artist page to keep up with his mixes, and shows:

Second hour I laid it out for you with a lot of bangers, and big room for you all. Make sure you strap on your seat belt, as this is a high energy mix that will keep you moving in your seat, car, airplane, classroom... wherever you may be!

Once again thank you for all the love and support, and I will see you all in the next Episode of Audiophile Sessions!

Much Love!


Audiophile Sessions Episode 020 - WOO HOO!

September 5th, 2013

Welcome back everyone to Audiophile Sessions. This is a special episode as I hit my 20th episode! WOO HOO!

This episode I have 4 DJs (including myself) ranging from the genres of Big Room, Psytrance, Tech Trance, and Uplifting. 4 Hours of non-stop tunage for your ears!

First hour we have Motive Resident Alexis De La Cruz giving us an in your face mix of Big Room, with some of the top tunes from W&W, Ferry Corsten and a few more artists. Just sit back and enjoy this set. Here you can find his facebook to keep up with his gigs, and releases:

Second Hour I have Christopher Allen hammering it out with the Psytrance, as he pulls out all the stops and does not hold back! Love this mix with his wide variety of hard-hitting tracks from the 1st Second till the last measure drops. Enjoy this mix as we sit back and take a psychedelic trip into the sounds of Christopher Allen. Keep up with him on facebook:

Third Hour I set you up with some 138 Uplifting Tech Trance sounds. I made sure not to hold back with the tunage that you hear in this mix. Make sure you do not move a muscle, because you may miss your next favorite tune. Put your dancing shoes on, and get ready for this journey! If you haven't already done so, here is my artist page for you to follow my gigs, and my Audiophile Session Episodes as well!:

Last, but not least our Fourth Hour brings special guest headliner straight out of Belgium... none other than Mr Uplifting himself - JORDAN WAELES! ( 1/2 of First-Effect:

Jordan just starts off with an emotional track, setting the mood for what's to come... the quiet before the storm if you may. Giving you nothing but the best in uplifting, with his solid transitions, and beat-matching which is a rare find these days. Jordan has proven himself time, and time again on the radio waves/air waves/internet waves, and he never ceases to amaze me. Let's enjoy this treat as we have our Special guest take us for an unforgettable journey through the beauty of Trance.

Here is a little more about Jordan:
Since 2003, Jordan Waeles delivers quality content to radio stations and music labels. Catch Destination Mainstage, his semi-live sessions every first tuesday of the month on Afterhours.FM, and his fully-featured "Trance Mutation Broadcast" radio shows, every third monday of the month on Digitally Imported trance channel.


Keep up with him on his facebook page for release, and upcoming radio broadcast!