Audiophile Sessions Episode 021 with Guest: James Paul

September 21st, 2013

Good Day Everyone and welcome back to Audiophile Sessions.

Today we have guest James Paul giving you an array of beautiful Trance from beginning to end. Starting off his mix with a melodic intro that sets the mood just right, just before he unleashes the beast in his mix. The ending you're in for a treat, as he picks up the energy, and goes full force! Sit back and enjoy the sounds of James Paul!

Here's his facebook artist page to keep up with his mixes, and shows:

Second hour I laid it out for you with a lot of bangers, and big room for you all. Make sure you strap on your seat belt, as this is a high energy mix that will keep you moving in your seat, car, airplane, classroom... wherever you may be!

Once again thank you for all the love and support, and I will see you all in the next Episode of Audiophile Sessions!

Much Love!