Audiophile Sessions Episode 023 with Stark & Banner

November 5th, 2013

Good Day Everyone, and welcome back to this installment of Audiophile Sessions Episode 23.

The first hour I brought you a lot of gritty big room bangers for your ears, and started it off nice and mellow before I hammered out the tunes one after another. I really enjoy a lot of the tracks on here, as I have a few new remixes of some older classics of Tiesto! So sit back and enjoy the first hour mixed by Yours Truly!

Second hour I have special guest Stark & Banner (Click here for their facebook). They bring you an eclectic array of trance for your ears. They have it all, ranging from progressive, to big room, and they even step it up with some beautiful uplifting to end the set. Their ride is nothing short of amazing from this Duo, so make sure you keep with their Facebook / Twitter & and Soundcloud, as they will be hitting the ground running, and there will be no stopping them once they are reaching for their goal!

Don't forget next episode we have DVS!

Once again here is Stark & Banner social media groups:

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A big THANK YOU for all the love and support you all give me. Without YOU there is no ME!

Much Love!