Audiophile Sessions Episode 024 with Special Guest DVS

November 27th, 2013

Good Day everyone, and welcome back to this episode of Audiophile Sessions 24. I have a lot of new stuff that I played for you first hour with tons of progressive tunes, and a few melodic ones as well.

The journey starts off with ATB with Dash Berlin - Apollo Road (Toby Hedges Remix) on Aropa Records really driving a bit electro influenced style track. A bit of ways into the mix I start to pick up with Wrechiski - Starchild (Original Mix), and get really melodic with some Beat Service & Neev Kennedy - Not This Time (Original Mix). Last but not least I end it with a great song and a little gem by Joe Garston & Andrew Farr titled Happy Ending (Froxic Remix).

I did not name off all the tracks throughout the mix, as I like to keep you guessing on what was played, but I really hope you enjoy the song selection that I used to take you on this wonderful journey.

Alright enough about me! 2nd hour we got special guest DVS! Bringing you the best in driving trance from beginning to end. I have been following now since I met him at Circus Disco in Los Angeles, CA playing at a few events by promoters of LMD. I've always loved his deep, dark progressive style, and the trip he takes you on from start to finish. DVS is a very rare DJ to find in this day in age, as he's able to work the crowd as opener, supporting act before headliner, headliner or even closing the night. He is nothing short of amazing as he can bring you on a trip from beginning to end, and back again all in one set.

So sit back and enjoy this hour set from him, and while you're doing so make sure to check him out on his facebook & soundcloud for further mixes by DVS!

Thank you all for tuning in and see you next Episode of Audiophile Sessions!

Much Love!


Audiophile Sessions Episode 023 with Stark & Banner

November 5th, 2013

Good Day Everyone, and welcome back to this installment of Audiophile Sessions Episode 23.

The first hour I brought you a lot of gritty big room bangers for your ears, and started it off nice and mellow before I hammered out the tunes one after another. I really enjoy a lot of the tracks on here, as I have a few new remixes of some older classics of Tiesto! So sit back and enjoy the first hour mixed by Yours Truly!

Second hour I have special guest Stark & Banner (Click here for their facebook). They bring you an eclectic array of trance for your ears. They have it all, ranging from progressive, to big room, and they even step it up with some beautiful uplifting to end the set. Their ride is nothing short of amazing from this Duo, so make sure you keep with their Facebook / Twitter & and Soundcloud, as they will be hitting the ground running, and there will be no stopping them once they are reaching for their goal!

Don't forget next episode we have DVS!

Once again here is Stark & Banner social media groups:

And like a broken record here is my info:

A big THANK YOU for all the love and support you all give me. Without YOU there is no ME!

Much Love!